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About this website


This site has been designed and developed by a range of staff from across the university including Student Services, the Library, the School of Academic Language and Learning and the Office of Learning and Teaching.


This resource is copyright to Charles Darwin University.

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In particular we would like to acknowledge the contribution of:

Helen Rysavy for the design and development of the website
Anne Wilson and Barbara Coat for Library resources
Judith Austin and Lisa-Marie Stones for information about Student Administration & Equity Services
Paula Wilson, Erin Lawson, and Dan Hartney for multi-media development
Nicola Rolls, Jennifer Silburn and Lan Yang for development of resource materials
Michael Davey for information about Learnline
Martin Carroll for support and endorsement of the project
Debra Farrelly for developing the concept and providing the financial resources through the Student Amenities Fee.

A special thanks to Natalie Pellegrino.