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Support for students

Life happens. It is rare that anyone progresses through tertiary studies without some life event occurring that can mildly or significantly disrupt studies.  If something challenging happens during your studies, don’t be a martyr and think that you have to battle the issue all on your own. There are people at CDU who may be able to help.

Firstly, identify the issue, then locate the appropriate area that may be able to help.

Some of the available support includes:

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The Academic Liaison Unit or ALU provides advice to students, particularly in relation to the design of study plans to suit the circumstances of individual students along with other course related information. This advice is in accordance with unit availability and information from course coordinators. Initial enquiries should be made via Student Central.

  • provides in-depth knowledge of admissions, enrolments and examinations rules and processes
  • offers study plans and suggests course progression for continuing students, as detailed in the University course repository
  • advises on administration processes relating to student forms and enrolments
  • provides advice to students regarding special examinations, consideration and arrangements
  • works closely with Student Administration to ensure all student documentation is checked, processed and forwarded to the correct department.

Faculty ALU

Faculty of Engineering, Health, Science and the Environment

Faculty of Law, Education, Business and Arts

Personal issues big or small can be discussed with the Counsellor. Sometimes the intensity of study can be overwhelming. Having a chat with someone can assist with managing a range of issues.

The Counsellors at CDU often assist students with issues such as: balancing study, work and family, grief and loss, trauma, improving relationships or identifying skills and strategies to enhance life experiences.

On weekdays, a Counsellor is available to speak with students up to 6.00pm Central Standard Time

Telephone: 08 89466288 or 1800 122 702 (Freecall)

Students with a disability or students who develop a disability during their studies are strongly advised to contact the Disability Service to discuss possible options for managing the challenges of study requirements.

Disclosure of a disability is still an issue of concern for some students. However, generally, our experience has been that students are more likely to succeed in their studies if they disclose their disability and negotiate appropriate adjustments to accommodate their disability.

It is possible to register with the Disability Service and provide appropriate documentation that will only be viewed by Disability Liaison Officers. Other relevant staff within the university will be notified that you have a disability. However, unless you give express permission, those staff members will not be advised of the details of your disability. You are then in a position to discuss/negotiate possible adjustments that will enable you to access and participate in your studies.

Telephone: 08 89466288

If you are an Indigenous student studying at ACIKE, the Office of Indigenous Academic Support is there to help you to:

  • adapt to the university environment
  • meet the academic requirements of your course
  • find a tutor if you need one
  • answer any questions you might have

Visit for more info.

An important person for international students is the Senior international student advisor. The advisor can provide advice and support for many issues faced by international students.

The issues that often trouble international students include:

  • Settling into a new country and new way of life
  • Developing English language skills to the standards required by the university
  • Understanding the course requirements and how to progress through the course
  • Understanding the penalties associated with ‘plagiarism’
  • Personal issues that require an extension of the ‘Confirmation of Enrolment’ and ‘Visa’
  • Finding part-time employment and balancing study and work
  • Fees and financial matters
  • Overseas student health cover
  • Tax File number applications

The ISA is available to assist international students.

During your studies there may be times when you feel unhappy about some aspect of your experience at CDU. An Advocacy Officer is available to discuss issues of concern and provide advice about avenues for resolution of issues.

Telephone: 08 89467705

If you wish to make a formal complaint, CDU has developed systems and procedures to ensure that your complaint is dealt with in a fair and efficient manner.

Telephone: 08 89466509